So I have played PC games since  I was a teenager (think Doom… think pre-Internet… think BBS door games, with Doom ][ set up as a door game for multiple players).

Needless to say I am considerably older now. I have played since professional gaming was a thing, and yes I have played professionally before. Roblox is indeed a juvenile game targeted at kids. I have no idea why Roblox is pitched that way, but it is. The fact of the matter is, it literally can be used for anything, and Badimo knows it.

This duo of developers has put out some amazing experiments as individuals in Roblox in my short time playing this game… but as a seasoned gamer, I have ideas that will bring this to an “over the top” game as one of the common “cops and robbers” genre that somewhat often in the Roblox landscape.

I will say that I enjoy this game so much, it has single-handedly caused me to start using a really old and never-before used Roblox account. It has also caused me to put real money into Roblox…something I have NEVER done. I have purchased every game pass in Jailbreak, even though I have no use for one of them (the storage pass I just see no use for)…. I bought all of them just to give you guys support and kudos.

Criminals Must Surrender or Be Subdued

Handcuff spam was definitely a problem in Jailbreak. Cops would rush a criminal in waves without ever firing a single shot and take them down easily with simple zerg tactics… with spamcuffs. The criminals RARELY were able to escape this type of battle. The result to the complaints lodged against this tactic were pretty jarring to say the least. The bank is locked down now. Handcuffs barely work for some of us if we play cops. The game is almost punishing to cops as a result. Camping is even worse than it was before in pub games.

I suggest a system of having to subdue a criminal in order to handcuff them. It is a simple system, but would add profound dynamics to more than just handcuffing players.

I don’t know what percentage of health it is that a player will begin to run slower, but there is definitely a spot that it occurs. At that point, a criminal should become a target for cuffing — they are subdued. At no other point should they be considered someone that can be handcuffed. They must first be subdued, or they must surrender, provided you want to go the extra step and add a “surrender” method.

This would add a whole new dynamic to the game, and keep the game balanced and rolling for longer. Puppy-guarding the prison would become less of a thing, because the criminal population should be more stable, and in order to really put  a dent in crime the cops would have to really finesse their arrest tactics rather than just run and gun. They would have to lower health to a specific spot using calculated shots, and then move in for an arrest.

It is a more complicated system than a “cooldown” to handcuffs… but adds dynamics to handcuffs and the player population that I think would add to overall gameplay and strategy.

Taser Mechanics

Not sure what else to say here… but having 5 cops chasing 1 guy and not one of them firing a single shot and all spamming taser is just lame. There is nothing that can be done to counter it… even if you manage to kill 3 of the 5 odds are one of the last 2 are going to knock you down and one of the 2 are going to get an arrest. That subdue mechanic would help with this, as would some type of limit to tasing. This can be a cool-down, limited # of uses, range changes to the taser, instead of completely dropping someone to the ground every time have it be a “slow down” tool more often than an incapacitating device. Say 1 out of 4 hits will drop you, but the other 3 will just slow you down a bit.

Vehicle Suggestions

Vehicles have become a tool for hindering combat more than a tool for getting from point A to point B. LOL. It seems like everytime you get into a good gunfight outside it gets interrupted by someone either trying to “save you” when you don’t need it by ramming a car into you and picking you up, or trying to “confuse you” by disorienting you by doing the same. You get in the car, and get out because odds are you are already spamming the spacebar and your camera immediately stops pointing towards your target and points at the front of the car. As as a result… you get tazed and arrested, or die. Having someone crash a helicopter onto your forehead is just as bad. Is there no way to “press the ‘E’ key to enter the vehicle” just to break that?

Bank Lockdown

I know it seemed necessary to lock down the bank, but it has just led to spoonfeeding glitchers and hackers who are teleporting in, btooling their way in, or just glitching through the glass. They go in, and just “hang around” until they get to set the alarm off and wait.  Can we perform a check every 3 seconds or so, and if you are in the bank during a closed hour just teleport the person (cop or not) to a jail cell, and if they are there again 3, 6, or 9 seconds later boot them from the game? I *HATE* automated anticheat… it almost always causes problems with false positives… but I will tell you that as an adult, with adult gaming friends… I have tried to get 17 of my adult gaming friends into this game, and ALL of them have played for about 45 minutes and quit because of people they have seen glitching, teleporting, or running through walls.

A Little About Me

I have no idea how old you guys are… I am old… lol. Older than dirt? I have single-celled immediate relatives. I am/was a professional developer. I stopped working a couple of years ago because of things in real life. I stopped gaming in fact…and just recently came back to it. I went through ASM/C/C++ and numerous other higher level languages before getting into web development and getting heavier into coding and graphic design. I spent the past umpteen years doing web application and web site design and development. I commend you both on what you have done with Jailbreak. It is one of the most polished and fun games I have seen in Roblox.

I have a lot more things to say about it, but honestly I think a lot of what I see in the game just relate to server issues and network latency…I don’t know if you will ever be able to fix most of it.